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African Children’s Choir brings uplifting performance to Washington

From all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, Washington will have some very special visitors next week as the African Children’s Choir shares the gift of song during a performance at Harvest Church.

For the past 30 years, the African Children’s Choir has helped thousands of African children overcome poverty through education and discipleship, instilling leadership skills that have helped them make a lasting difference in their communities, according to their website.

One such child was Timothy Kawuma. Now 27 years old, Kawuma was raised in a war-torn village about an hour north of the Ugandan capital of Kampala. Through the African Children’s Choir, Kawuma was able to receive a college education in statistics, and has since served in as a group leader for new generations of choir members. He’ll be leading the group coming to Washington next week.

“I am forever filled with gratitude to the African Children’s Choir for the work they have done in my life through giving me an opportunity to travel the world (with choir 19), and learn music, learn to love God, learn servanthood and many other crucial life lessons,” Kawuma wrote of his time with the choir. “I took on the role of chaperone to Choir 48, and by God’s grace, I am able to serve again as tour leader for Choir 51.”

Together, Kuwama and the 19 children of Choir 51 will spend much of 2020 touring throughout the United States. With tour dates in North Carolina through Feb. 21, the group will then visit 27 other states, traveling as far south as Florida, as far west as Texas and as far north as Maine. All the way, the group will perform at a wide variety of churches and venues.

“We perform Christian gospel music, and most of our program contains good hymns that have been given a wonderful African touch, along with some African cultural music filled with dancing and drumming,” Kuwama said. “I know that it will be very enjoyable for the audience.”

The performance at Harvest Church will be from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, and admission is free of charge. A love offering will be taken up during the performance to help support the choir’s mission of uplifting children through music and education.

“It has definitely changed my life,” Kuwama said. “A lot of what I am today is because I was able to be a part of this organization.”

To learn more about the African Children’s Choir, visit Donations can also be made at the site to support the choir and other African children who could not be a part of the choir. For more information about Harvest Church, visit