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This is why they matter

To the Editor: I would like to express my thanks to the Washington Daily News and all the staff for the excellent coverage and news ... Read more

37 mins ago by The Daily News.

Government meetings go remote, focus on social distancing

Though the COVID-19 crisis has brought many aspects of daily life to a grinding halt, the wheels of local government continue to turn, albeit in ... Read more

2 hours ago by Matt Debnam.

Hyde County tightens entry restrictions

Following the announcement last week that entry would be restricted to mainland Hyde County, county officials say non-essential visits to Hyde County are still happening. ... Read more

2 hours ago by Matt Debnam.

COVID-19 update, April 9, 2020

Click HERE to read the latest update from the Beaufort County Health Department, Beaufort County Emergency Services and Beaufort County government. Read more

2 hours ago by The Daily News.

Rotary to kick off grocery delivery for seniors next week

The Washington (Noon) Rotary Club has received and set up new phones for its Rotary Delivers Project, a new initiative to deliver groceries and other needed ... Read more

3 hours ago by The Daily News.

Executive order addresses crowded retail stores, nursing homes, unemployment

A new executive order announced by North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper on Thursday afternoon will take steps to prevent overcrowding at retail stores, require additional ... Read more

3 hours ago by Matt Debnam.

Watson In Homes shifts production from design to COVID-19 demand

Susan and Jeremy Watson are used to switching gears. The owners of Watson In Homes, an upholstering and interior design shop in Washington, flow with ... Read more

3 hours ago by Vail Stewart Rumley.

Face masks now recommended in public settings

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, the recommendations to avoid its transmission continue to evolve. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now ... Read more

3 hours ago by Vail Stewart Rumley.

Who’s to blame?

To the Editor: I have a novel idea: let’s stop blaming the president for all the problems in the world. I am pretty sure we ... Read more

4 hours ago by The Daily News.

COVID-19: state stats at a glance

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in North Carolina continued to rise from 3,472 Wednesday to 3,730 Thursday. There have been 74 deaths in the ... Read more

7 hours ago by Vail Stewart Rumley.

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