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The left must be countered by the right

In response to column about “the secret network threatening democracy,” I see no greater threat than the one being exposed almost daily: the deep state ... Read more

Opportunities for the future

How do you keep young people from leaving Beaufort County after they graduate high school? How do you get them to come back when they ... Read more

A prayer for our beloved country

As early voting has begun, here’s a prayer I offered this past Saturday at a precinct meeting. It was written to be nonpartisan, as I ... Read more

That time in French class

In high school, students had the option to either take Spanish or French. Mrs. Larkin taught Spanish, and Mrs. Everett taught French. I decided to ... Read more

Don’t even try to tell me otherwise

JERRIE OUGHTON Don’t even try! No! It won’t do you any good. Don’t even try to convince me. I am positive of only a few ... Read more

The phases of cancer care therapy

MARIA YOST This week is a significant week for physical therapists all over the country. The biggest event of the year is being held in ... Read more

Small changes matter — like making your own salad dressings

LOUISE L. HINSLEY Making small changes in our diets can improve our health and reduce our risk of chronic diseases. Research show that consuming olive ... Read more

Write Again … The humane middle

“I’m not the Radical Left, I’m the Humane Middle.” So wrote John Pavlovitz. This is worth sharing with you. See what you think: “Apparently, I’ve ... Read more

It’s the right way

  To the Editor: Navigating downtown’s new stop signs is easy when you remember RIGHT of way. The vehicle on the right at any stop ... Read more

Respecting the sacrifices made

It’s that time of year again — time to vote. But the odds are, most people won’t. It’s a recurring trend in American elections, and ... Read more

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