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Cooper makes the right call plus tales of the Human Highlight Reel

I’m right more often than I’m wrong, but not by much. I stopped keeping track a long time ago when I was on a losing ... Read more

Parents always know what’s best

All of the recent rainy and cold days bring back memories of the rain we use to have in the spring and summer months.  Boy, ... Read more

Things you need to know about colorectal cancer

By Arin Pelletier Beaufort County Health Department March is colorectal cancer awareness month. You might be asking yourself, what really is colorectal cancer? The term ... Read more

Write Again…Here’s to your good health

From time to time I run across, or am sent, items clipped from newspapers, magazines, and other sources that might well lend itself to a ... Read more

Finding diamonds in my own backyard

One of my favorite books is Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell, the founder and the first President of Temple University in Philadelphia as ... Read more

Recommendations of herbs for budding gardeners

There are several herbs that you can grow in the landscape. Most of these would fall into the annual category however, meaning that you would ... Read more

A win for the East-Beaufort County native named NC Commerce Secretary

Great news emerged from Raleigh this week as Governor Roy Cooper chose Belhaven native and Bath High School graduate Machelle Sanders to lead the Commerce ... Read more

Birding Notes-keep your eye on House Sparrows

Spring nesting season is almost here and we are all looking forward to warmer weather, more daylight, and songbirds raising their young.  An important way you ... Read more

We must remain a nation under God

COLUMN BY JAN HINDSLEY In the past month, you have published two articles by Polk Culpepper concerning the future of the Republican Party, the support ... Read more

Reconciliation starts with listening, understanding

To the Editor, One of the big themes of 2020 was division, including division over race. Unfortunately, we can witness this in our local community. ... Read more

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