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This is why they matter

To the Editor: I would like to express my thanks to the Washington Daily News and all the staff for the excellent coverage and news ... Read more

Don’t neglect your mental health

Change is hard, not just on the body, but on the mind, and something like the coronavirus outbreak has brought about huge changes in our ... Read more

Who’s to blame?

To the Editor: I have a novel idea: let’s stop blaming the president for all the problems in the world. I am pretty sure we ... Read more

Your continued support is appreciated

To the Editor: We are all living in a new age … an age of uncertainty. But one thing is certain: people get hungry each ... Read more

Why are liquor stores still open?

Gov. Roy Cooper’s recent stay-at-home directive, along with those of every other state that has issued one, outlines which businesses are considered essential. For some ... Read more

It’s your time to shine

Have you ever wanted to be a super hero? Fighting crime … overcoming the impossible … protecting citizens … now is your time to shine! ... Read more

Do your part — stay home, but don’t ignore your health

To the Editor: We are in unprecedented times and must take unprecedented action. As a physician, I am urging you to stay home, shelter in ... Read more

A botched response

To the Editor: Donald Trump’s botched response to the coronavirus is a moral outrage. He was briefed when he came into office about the pandemic ... Read more

Boating safety is first priority

Recreational boating safety is job one — this is highlighted in this past month’s issue (March 2020) of U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary’s Directorates and ... Read more

Stories of hope

The headlines read death, infection and financial ruin. Bad news is in heavy supply these days, and yes, it’s part of a reporter’s job to ... Read more

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