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Mums blooming a sign of fall

This week has been absolutely wonderful, the beginning of fall actually feels like fall! I can’t remember when the last time that happened — it ... Read more

Make logging great again

As I walked through a wooded area the other day, I saw some beautiful, big old trees. I walked around admiring the beauty of the ... Read more

Write Again … It’s a love story

Please let me share with you today, friends, that which is a beautiful love story. Now, this is not the typical love story you might ... Read more

Paint is much, much cheaper

To the Editor, I read in the WDN the city council wants to improve bike and pedestrian connectivity via adding bike lanes and pedestrian traffic ... Read more

Good luck, figure it out

With leadership comes responsibility, and nowhere in North Carolina is that responsibility sitting more heavily right now than on the shoulders of Gov. Roy Cooper. ... Read more

No misdeed was immune to the silent code

After moving back to Washington from Raleigh — we were only gone for a 1 1/2 years — the school system placed me in Mrs. ... Read more

Are you taking care of yourself?

Work, bills, personal problems, stress — it’s easy to let these things pile up until they seem insurmountable. For nearly every American, 2020 has been ... Read more

Write Again … The tender years

It was a small, modest rental house, on Harvey Street, between Main and Water streets. Of course it didn’t have much in the way of ... Read more

New leaf spot disease in pears?

I am seeing something on pears that I haven’t seen in the past four years since taking this position. Not that I think I have ... Read more

Lessons in lives lost

For many, Labor Day Weekend marks the unofficial end of summer — one last hoorah before the chill of fall descends on North Carolina. But ... Read more

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