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Letter to the Editor: Now isn’t the time to let our guard down

To the Editor, I am a mother and a nurse practitioner, and I feel strongly about preventing further spread of the COVID-19 virus in Beaufort ... Read more

Delta variant spread renews vaccine urgency

The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines brought great hope in the battle against the deadly pandemic that has affected our way of life for nearly ... Read more

Write Again…So give your mind a break

So much there is, that is happening, and has happened, over the last few years, that has affected so many, in different ways.  The pandemic. ... Read more

Time for a reform, not a death sentence

As Sen. Jay Chaudhuri said, House Bill 91 is effectively a death sentence for the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. But is that really ... Read more

Health beat: The benefits of aquatic exercise

Summer is here and so are the hot temperatures that accompany it. In eastern North Carolina, we often encounter environmental conditions that make exercising outdoors ... Read more

Beaufort County’s Civil War union volunteers

Most history buffs in Beaufort County know following North Carolina’s secession from the Union that several Confederate volunteer regiments formed in Washington and the surrounding ... Read more

Turner Library provided a summer escape

Growing up in Washington, the lazy hazy days of summer began to lose its novelty for me by the third week of July. Our family’s ... Read more

Health Beat: Bring new energy to your yoga routine

By Claire Chatterton Vidant Wellness  How did we practice yoga in 2020? Many of us settled into life at home, living rooms were quickly converted ... Read more

Write Again…That which we are, we are

“Badges of Maturity.” That’s what I had decided to call it.  “What in the world are you talking about, Old Timer?” You may ask. Well, ... Read more

A pathway to freedom via the stage coach

Over the past few months, I have taken a break from doing so much research on local history and started watching westerns from the late 1950’s ... Read more

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