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How “Black Lives Matter” should really be interpreted

BOB ORR Once again, a prominent leader in North Carolina is coming under intense criticism for responding to a “Black Lives Matter” inquiry with the ... Read more

1 week ago by The Daily News.

A legacy lives on: remembering Mike Voss

Sporting my purple button down shirt, tasteless “dad tie” and slacks I likely hadn’t worn since high school graduation, I walked through the glass doors ... Read more

1 week ago by David Cucchiara.

The community he loved

In a lot of ways, Mike Voss embodied exactly what a newspaper like The Washington Daily News wants to be for its community. Of course, ... Read more

1 week ago by Michael Prunka.

Confederacy worthy of regret, not memorialization

By Lee Watkins It is long past time for the south to end the glorification of the Confederacy and the morally repugnant rebellion that caused ... Read more

2 weeks ago by The Daily News.

Four chaplains and patriotism

Every Memorial Day we honor those who fought in foreign wars by remembering the sacrifices they made for the nation. One of the most memorable ... Read more

1 month ago by Polk Culpepper.

COVID-19 is straining our ailing rural health systems

The front lines of the war on COVID-19 have expanded and are now reaching into rural America. As infection rates begin to plateau nationally, and ... Read more

1 month ago by The Daily News.

It’s a matter of trailering

Choosing the right trailer for your vessel is a matter of safety. Here are the things you want to consider when choosing and using your ... Read more

2 months ago by The Daily News.

Streetscape, No. 1; public safety No. 2

In March, I attended the City Council meeting for another concern of mine and witnessed the governing body award the contract for the streetscape project ... Read more

3 months ago by The Daily News.

A prayer for our beloved country

As early voting has begun, here’s a prayer I offered this past Saturday at a precinct meeting. It was written to be nonpartisan, as I ... Read more

5 months ago by The Daily News.

‘Turn and Run’

JERRIE OUGHTON “Turn and Run.” That was the title of an “Open Window’s” devotional we read at our house this week. It was about addiction, ... Read more

9 months ago by The Daily News.

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